Best Retro Casino Games of All Time

The video games of the past are very humble compared to those today. With every brand new game released with HD graphics and high-definition gameplay, there is one retro game that goes into cult status. Fueled by nostalgia, game designers are going heavily retro these days. Some have even launched an online casino website with their biggest hits remastered into casino games. There are plenty of other online casinos with retro-looking games, but always look for trusted advice and safe options. Nintendo, for example, has many great retro games that have been around for a while and are worth remembering. Playing them again will get you back to your childhood and give you an unforgettable retro gaming experience. Let’s take a look back at some of the best retro casino games of all time.

  1. Hollywood Poker

Hollywood Poker was one of the sexiest games in the 1980s. Today, the 80s are regarded as one of the most fantastic periods for gaming consoles. This poker game was developed by Atari, and included scantily clad ladies that you could enjoy while playing poker. One of them was even a former Miss Germany. In today’s standards, the graphics are heavily outdated. But, back then it was like playing a VR sexual game of today. The boys loved it!

  1. Vegas Stakes

Vegas Stakes was one of the better things to come out of the 1990s. It required strategy, which if successful you could turn small money into millions. The goal was to make $10 million. You could do that by visiting different casinos where you could play: Slots, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps. There was even an option for multiplayer mode. The game was released for Super Nintendo in 1993 and Game Boy two years later. It was one of the more realistic games of the time.

  1. Draw 80 Poker

The 1970s was the decade when casino gaming was revolutionized and went electronic. Mechanical slot machines were being replaced by electronic slots. It’s a time that will also be remembered for one of the first video poker games developed by legendary developer Si Redd. The revolution began by inventing Draw 80 Poker. No more players had to play poker against other players. It was perfect for those poker lovers that would get intimidated by others. Instead, with Draw Poker they could go solo and play with piece of mind. Would you love this piece of history in your home? If the answer is yes and you would like to find a retro casino game that will blow your mind, pay attention to this casino games portal where you’ll find the most important information regarding online casinos and gaming.

  1. Hard Rock Casino

Time passes by quickly, doesn’t it? Quick enough to be able to consider PlayStation 2 games as retro. Hard Rock Casino was released 10 years ago. You may say it barely qualifies as retro, but keep in mind that there are kids younger than this game that know how to operate computers and consoles proficiently, and have played far more sophisticated titles than this. Hard Rock Casino combines your favorite casino games into a cool and authentic casino simulation. It was incredible for its time. You start with a modest bankroll and have to amass winnings so that you can establish a reputation as the best high roller in Vegas. While doing that you get to unlock side tasks, characters and unique tournaments.