Three reasons to pick up the original Wii in 2017


Three reasons to pick up the original Wii in 2017

The original Wii was an utter revelation when it first came out all the way back
in 2006. Nintendo had made consoles that were generally quite similar to their
competitors before then. They never pretended to compete on graphical and
processing power but there was nothing that really set the N64 or the
Gamecube apart from the Xbox and Playstation line, with all the consoles
having plug in and play controllers and were mostly played sitting down.
However the Wii was something different. You were encouraged to imagine
your controller was anything from a sword to a tennis racket to a golf club. It
was the first console of the 21st century that wanted you out of your seat not
in it.

The public responded and as of 2016 they had sold over one hundred millions
units, a staggering number and one which shows people are willing to sacrifice
the latest in bleeding edge technology for fun experiences. If, however, you
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Wii continues to be picked up to this day with sales figures still in the tens of
thousands for a console that is almost eleven years old. It is absolutely still
something people should consider and here are three reasons why.

It’s amazing for families
When it first came out it was clear the Wii was going to be a superb consoles
for families as the games wouldn’t be too hard, too technical or too advanced
so people of all ages would be able to enjoy. Wii tennis was so simple that all
you had to do was pick up the controller and swing, it was child’s play, literally,
and meant that the console didn’t have a steep learning curve. Its multiplayer
games were great too with bowling a particular family favourite. When it won
the Game Critics Award in 2006 at E3, it was praised for its, “impressive line-up
of fun and interesting software,” a line-up which has only grown and gotten
even bigger since then. Mario Kart on the Wii is one of the best family games
with so much fun to be had for everyone.

Its games are still very fun
Despite its age, there is still something utterly magical about picking up that
controller and realising that it can be anything you want it to be. Bowling in
your living room, fighting off bad guys with a flick of your wrist or hitting a
booming home run into the stands still somehow feel fresh and just as exciting
as it was in 2006. The Wii has managed to keep its appeal and its charm
making it still a worthwhile purchase.

It is wonderful value for money
The fact the Wii never went for processing or graphical grunt means that the
fact the picture quality and the speed of the console don’t make the console
feel like a waste of money. You can now pick up a lot of the games for not too
much money, as well as being able to get great accessories. A lot of super
second hand stuff for the Wii is still floating about making it much better value
than a brand new console which can now cost up to $500.