Nintendo N64  Inventory  Updated: 11/29/23
*Most recent arrivals highlighted in Bold Text
All Star Baseball 2001 (cart only) $9.99
Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes (cart only) $19.99
Banjo Toonie (cart only) $59.99
Body Harvest (cart only) $29.99
Bomber Man 64 (cart only) $49.99
California Speed (cart only) $24.99
Crusin USA (cart only) $29.99
Diddy Kong Racing (cart only) $44.99
Extreme-G (cart only) $19.99
Extreme-G 2 (cart only) $19.99
FIFA Soccer 64 (cart only) $19.99
Fighter Destiny 2 (cart only, EX) $49.99
Goldeneye (cart only, Player’s choice) $39.99
Goldeneye (cart only) $49.99 *Some label discolouration
Goldeneye (cart only, EX) $59.99
Jet Force Gemini (cart only, EX) $34.99
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Cart only EX, Player’s Choice) $59.99
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (cart only,EX) $69.99
Madden 2002 (cart only) $9.99
Mario Kart (cart only) $69.99
Mario Party (cart only) $59.99
Mario Party 3 (complete in box, CIB) $249.99
Mission Impossible (cart only) $9.99 *Some back label damage
NHL 98: Breakaway (cart only) $9.99
NHL 99 (cart only) $9.99
NFL Quarterback Club 1998 (cart only) $4.99
NFL Quarterback Club 99 (cart only) $9.99
Perfect Dark (cart only) $39.99
Pokemon Snap! (cart only) $29.99
Pokemon Stadium (cart only) $39.99
Pokemon Stadium 2 (cart only, VG) $89.99
Power Rangers Rescue (cart only) $29.99
Rayman 2 (cart only) $39.99
Ready to Rumble (cart only) $19.99 *One tab missing
Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt (cart only) $19.99
San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing (cart only) $24.99
Space Invaders (cart only) $29.99
Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer (cart only) $29.99
Star Wars: Rouge Squadron (complete) $39.99
Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire (cart only, 1 tab missing! Works!) $19.99
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (cart only) $29.99
1080 Snowboarding (cart only) $19.99
Toy Story 2 (cart only) $29.99
Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey 98 (cart only) $14.99
War Gods (cart only) $19.99
WCW Nitro (cart only) $29.99
WCW Revenge (cart only) $19.99
WCW Vs NWO: World Tour (cart only) $19.99
Wipeout 64 (cart only) $19.99
N64 Exspansion Ram (original) $79.99
N64 System w/1 controller (3rd party) av cables, power supply $109.99
N64 System w/1 controller original (grey), AV cables, power supply, jumper pack $129.99
N64 System Grape (colour) . w/1 controller, AV cables, power supply, jumper pack $299.99
N64 System (w/original box, styrofoam, No manual) $299.95
N64 Transfer Pack $39.99
N64 Transfer Pack (minor label damage) $34.99
N64 Rumble Pack (original) $24.99
N64 Power Supply (original) $39.99
N64 Memory Card (3rd Party, used) 14.99
N64 Memory Card (3rd Party, used) 19.99
N64/SNES/Gamecube RF cable (3rd party) $7.99
N64 plastic case (holds cartridge & manual) $9.99