Super Nintendo (SNES) Inventory  Updated:  02/23/2024
Addams Family Values (cartridge & box, no manual) $89.99
Aladdin (cart only) $39.99
Battle Clash (cart only) $14.99
Bonkers (cart only) $39.99
Boxing Legends of the Ring (cart only) $9.99

Breath of Fire (cart only, Japan SFC) $19.99

Break Thru! (cart only) $9.99

Bulls Vs. Blazers (cart only) $4.99
Cool Spot (cart only) $29.99
Demon’s Crest (cart only, *front label damage) $184.95 *request only! Not on site. 
D-Force (cart only) $9.99
Dig & Spike Volleyball (cart only) $9.99
Donkey Kong Country (complete, CIB) $129.99
Donkey Kong Country 2 (cartridge only) $59.99
Donkey Kong Country 3 (*manual only, no game) $19.99
Dragon’s Lair (cart only) $39.99
Final Fantasy II (cartridge, box, tray, manual, no map) $199.99
Gradius (cart only) $29.99
Jungle Book (cart only) $19.99
Jungle Strike (cart only, *label damage) $9.99
Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past (cart only) $59.99
Lion King (cart only) $24.99
Lord of the Rings Vol.1 (cart only) $39.99
Ken Griffey Jr MLB (cart only) $9.99
Ken Griffey Jr: Winning Run (cart only) $14.99
Killer Instinct (cart only, *Some label wear) $19.99
Madden 98 (cart only) $9.99
Mario is Missing (cart only *back label rip) $34.99
Mario is Missing (cart only, EX ) $39.99
Mario Paint (cart only) $4.99
Mech Warrior (cart only) $29.99
MLBPA Baseball (cart only) $5
Monopoly (cart only) $9.99
Mortal Kombat II (*manual only) $19.99
Mortal Kombat II (*manual & poster only) $24.99
NBA Live 95 (complete, CIB) $19.99
NCAA Basketball (complete) $20
NCAA Football (cart only) $5
NFL Quarterback Club (cart only) $4.99
NHL 94 (cart only) $9.99
NHL 95 (CIB, complete in box) $29.99
NHL 96 (cart only) $9.99
NHL 96 (*manual only) $9.99
NHL Stanley Cup (cart only) $4.99
Olympic Summer Games (cart only) $5
Pinocchio (cart only, label rip) $24.99
Populous (cart only, some label damage) $4.99
Populous (cart only) $10
Power Moves (cart only) $24.99
Radical Psycho Machine RPM Racing (cart only) $14.99
Sailor Moon: Another Story (cart only) *repro $29.99
Sim City (cart only, *Japan SFC) $9.99
Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare (cartridge only) $39.99
Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage (cart only, *label rip on back sticker) $49.99
Street Fighter 2 (cart only, VG *some label damage) $14.99
Street Fighter 2 (cart only, EX) $24.99
Super Bases Loaded 2 (cart only) $19.99
Super Chase HQ (complete, CIB) $39.99
Super Conflict (cart only) $19.99
Super Game Boy Adapter $79.99
Super Mario All Stars (cart only) $39.99
Super Mario Kart (complete in box, CIB) $199.99
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (cart only) $134.99
Super Metroid (cart only) $99.99
Super Play Action Football cart only) $4.99
Super Pinball (cart only) $19.99
Super Scope (cart only) $9.99
Tecmo Super Baseball (cart only) $14.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tourament Fighters (cart only) $59.99
Tetris 2 (cart only) $19.99
The Magical Quest: Staring Mickey Mouse (cart only) $34.99
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose (cart only) $19.99
Toy Story (cart only) $19.99
Wheel of Fortune (cart only) $4.99
Wordtris (cart only) $9.99
Zoop (cart only) $9.99