Nintendo NES  inventory (Updated: 03/16/24

Advanced D&D: Dragon Strike (cart only, rare) $129.99
After Burner (cart only) *light label fading $9.99
Airwolf (cart w/ manual) $14.99
Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing (cart w/manual) $19.99
Amagon (cart only) $14.99
Anticipation (cart only) $9.99
Bad Dudes (cart only) $19.99
Balloon Fight (cart only) $39.99
Baseball (cart only) $9.99
Bases Loaded (cart only) $4.99
Bases Loaded II (cart only) $9.99
Baseball Simulator 1000 (cart only) $9.99
Battle of Olympus (cartridge only) $19.99
Blades of Steel (cart only) $9.99
Blades of Steel (cart w/ manual) $14.99
Bionic Commando (cart only) $19.99
Bucky O’Hare (complete in  box, CIB) $649.99* Rare, Request only, Not at Store!  
Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout (cartridge only, label damage) $7.99
Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout (cartridge & manual) $9.99
Break Thur (cart only) $19.99
Captain Skyhawk (cart only) $7.99
Captain Skyhawk (complete, CIB) $44.99
Castlevania II (cart only *some label damage) $24.99
Championship Bowling (cart only) $7.99
Cobra Triangle (cart only) $14.99
Contra (box only, w/original styrofoam, no game, no manual) $99.99
Cybernoid (cart only) $7.99
Death Race (cart only, rare!) $79,99
Destination Earthstar (cart only) $9.99
Double Dragon II (cart & manual) $29.99
Dragon Warrior III (cart only, rare) $169.95
Duck Hunt (cart only) $9.99
Faxandu (cart only) $19.99
Felix The Cat (cart only) $139.99
Fighting Golf (cracked cart, but works!) $3
Gauntlet (CIB: Complete in Box TENGEN) $79.99
Goal! (cart only) $9.99
Guerrilla War (cart only) $29.99
Gyromite (cart only, 5 Screw CAN) $14.99
Hoops (cart only) $4.99
Ice Hockey (cart only) $4.99 
Iron Sword (cart only) $9.99
Jackal (cart only) $14.99
Jaws (cart only) $29.99
Kings of the Beach (cart only) $9.99
Legacy of the Wizard (cart only) $9.99
Legend of Zelda (cart only, Gold cart, some wear on cartridge) $39.99
Legend of Link: Zelda II (cart only, Gold cart) $49.99
Legend of Link: Zelda II Cart & Original box, no manual or map) $109.95
Little Mermaid (CIB, complete in box) $99.99
Magic Johnson Fast Break (cart only) $9.99
Magmax (cart only, label rip) $9.99
Marble Madness (cart only) $9.99
MC Kids (cart only) $39.99
Mickey Mousecapade (cart only) $14.99
Milon’s Secret Castle (cart only) $14.99
Misson Impossible: (complete, CIB) $49.99
MLB (cart only) $4.99
MLB (cart only*label damage) $2.99
NES Play Action Football (cart only) $9.99
Ninja Gaiden II (cart only) $29.99
Nintendo World Cup (cart only) $9.99
Operation Wolf (cart only) $6.99
Pac-Man (cart only, grey cart) $19.99
Phantom Fighter (cart only) $19.99
Pinball (cart only, 5 screw, CAN) $14.99
P.O.W (cart only) $19.99
Rad Racer (cart only) $14.99
Rad Racer (cart only) $19.99
Rampart (cart only) $24.99
RBI Baseball (cart only) TENGEN  $9.99
RC PRO AM (cart only) $19.99
Rescue: Embassy Mission (cart only) $9.99
Road Blasters (cart & book) $14.99
Road Runner Ten Gen (cart only) $9.99
Rolling Thunder TenGen (cart only) $19.99
Sesame Street 1.2,3 (cart only) $9.99
Shadowgate (cart only) $14.99
Side Pocket (cart only, some label damage) $9.99
Silent Service (cart only) $4.99
Simpsons: Bart Vs The World (cart only) $29.99
Simpsons: Bart Vs The World (cart & manual) $39.99
Simpsons: Bart Vs The Space Mutants (cart & manual) $39.99
Spy vs. Spy. (cart only) $19.99
Star Voyager (cart w/book) $19.99
Star Voyager (CIB, complete in box) $44.95
Stealth (cart only) $14.99
Super Dodge Ball (cart only) $29.99
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (cart only) $9.99
Super Mario Bros. (cart w/manual) $14.99
Super Mario Bros.2 (cartridge & manual) $49.99
Super Mario Bros. 3 (cart only) $29.99
Super Mario Bros. 3 (cart only, *red label Canadian version) $29.99
Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/Track & Field (cart only *Red hat variant) $14.99
Super Spike V’ Ball (cart only) $14.99
T & C Surf Designs (cart only) $9.99
Tag Team Match: Muscle (cart only) $29.99 
Target Renegade (cart only) $9.99
Tecmo Bowl (cart only) $24.99
Tecmo World Wrestling (cart only) $19.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (cart & book, no manual) $99.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (cart only) $29.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (CIB, complete in box) $219.95
Ten Yard Fight (cart only) $9.99
Tetris (CIB, complete in box) $59.99
Tetris (cart only) $19.99
Tetris 2 (cart only) $19.99
The Guardian Legend (cart only) $24.99
The Marat Conspiracy (cart only) $19.99
The Magic of Scheherazade (cart only) $19.99
Tiger-Heli (cart only) $9.99
Time Lord (cart, manual, box) $39.99
To The Earth (cart/manual) $9.99
Top Gun (cart only) $9.99
Top Gun 2 (cart only) $9.99
Top Player Tennis (cart only) $9.99
Trojan (cart only) $14.99
Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (cart only) $24.99
Wheel of Fortune (cart only) $9.99
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (Cart only) $19.99
World Wrestling (cart only, Temco) $14.99
Wrath of the Black Manta (cart only) $9.99
Wrestlemania (cart w/ manual) $19.99
NES Control Deck System, Complete in box (CIB) comes with 2 controllers, power supply, av cables, original box, styrofoam $279.95
NES controller (original, VG) $29.99

NES RF Cable $4.99

NES 8 bit joypad (CIB) $19.99

NES Advantage Joystick (tested & works) $39.99

NES Quickshot Joystick $14.99

NES Zapper Gun (Orange) $19.99