Dr. Mario Amiibo (SSB, loose) $19.99

Used, NM condition. Loose

Only: $19.99

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Amiibo Figures  Last Updated: 03/21/23 *MOC=Mint on Card 

Bowser Jr. (SSB, loose) $24.99

Dr. Mario (SSB, loose) $19.99

Duck Hunt (SSB, loose) $19.99

Greninja (SSB, loose) $19.99

Gold Mega Man (SSB, loose, rare) $119.99

Hero (SSB MOC) $44.99

Lucario (SSB, loose) $29.99

Mario 30th Anniversary (red blue, MOC) $34.99

Mario 30th Anniversary (classic  MOC) $34.99

Mario (Silver, MOC) *Some damage to bubble, packaging $39.99

Mario (Gold, MOC) $49.99

Marth (SSB, loose) $19.99

Mega Man (SSB MOC) $29.99

Sonic (SSB, loose) $39.99

Sonic (SSB MOC) $49.99

Yoshi (Japan Inport, MOC) $59.99

Zero Suit Samus (SSB, loose) $19.99