Notice To Customers:

Mio Yokoi (The love of my life) sadly passed away yesterday around 5:50pm at Princess Margaret Hospital.
Mio was truly one of a kind. Her smile actually did light up a room. She thought of others before herself, always.
She was filled with joy, laughter and always remained positive and upbeat even during the toughest times during her illness.
Mio genuinely cared about people. She changed so many lives for the good (through her Psychotherapy practice and by simply being her beautiful self. She was the sweetest, most caring person I ever met in my life.
Her name means “Guiding Light” which is so perfect. Because that’s what she was, for me and for so many others.
Mio showed us how to be better people to each other. She was selfless, always. Even in her last hours, when her vitals were failing, Mio was more concerned about the Nurses getting injured by throwing out their backs when they were trying to pick her up and reposition her body on the bed.
That was Mio, through and through.
Another time Mio was at home when the telephone rang. Unbeknownst to Mio. It was a scam phone caller. Mio made the mistake of sharing a few bits of personal information with this caller. Once Mio understood what this person was doing, instead of swearing or getting angry, (like most of us would) Mio talked calmly to the man for 25 minutes. She told him this. “Look, You’re better than this. I know you’re better than this. Don’t do this. Why do you want to hurt somebody?, You’re a good person, aren’t you?” I know you’re a good person. The man listened to Mio in silence. Then he said quietly, “I don’t feel very good about myself.” You’re right, I’m going to find another line of work. I have no doubt Mio turned this guy’s life around and he’s out there right now, doing good in the world-because of her.
Mio was also responsible for Last Gen. Pushing me to do something that I enjoy doing. If it wasn’t for her, there would be no Last Gen. She was funny and sweet and right now, I’m not really sure how I can function without her.
Selling Records and Video Games certainly feels meaningless to me right now.
Mio’s favorite group was REM. She loved the track “Nightswimming” . It is about four minutes long. Please pay it once today, for Mio. Spend four minutes honouring Mio and her legacy. Finally: Thank you for all your love, support and friendship during this difficult time. I love and miss you Mio 🙂 Love Joe oxox